Working – and shirking – from home: a voiceover artist’s guide
Dave Rhodes - UK male VO - work from home setup

Let’s talk working remotely – versus not remotely working. So, how’s working from home going? Are you a power dressing paragon of efficiency, or has the novelty long since worn off?  As a voiceover artist – WFH (as we’re apparently all calling it – who knew…?) is nothing new to me. My studio connects me to […]

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What’s behind the cellar door?

Or to put it another way … What’s the nicest sounding word you know? As a voiceover – saying words out loud for a living – a big part of my job is telling the client’s stories, whether that’s extolling the rustic virtues of a country pub, or explaining the finer points of ship-board safety […]

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Brexit, Theresa May and Hitting the bottle..

I spent the day in a busy radio newsroom yesterday, keeping an eye on the unfolding Brexit drama. As you’ll know by now, Theresa May lost … her voice. It can happen to any of us – but when you speak for a living it can cost you dearly. So I’ve rounded up some of […]

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