Dave Rhodes - UK male VO - work from home setup

Let’s talk working remotely – versus not remotely working.

So, how’s working from home going? Are you a power dressing paragon of efficiency, or has the novelty long since worn off? 

As a voiceover artist – WFH (as we’re apparently all calling it – who knew…?) is nothing new to me. My studio connects me to clients across Britain and worldwide. But, as you may have found in the past few weeks, it’s easy to lapse into some lazy habits. You may end up more WTF than WFH. So which are you in these strange times – a worker or a shirker?

The worker from home has a polished morning routine, typically involving yoga, avocado on toast and possibly an entry in their gratitude journal.

The shirker from home emerges from their cave in time for the tail end of Lorraine. And just about summons the energy for coffee and a smoke, before hopping back into bed. Well, no point in rushing things…

The worker from home schedules daily Zoom meetings, schedules their time on Google Calendar and uses Slack to communicate.

The shirker from home watches videos of cats doing zoomies, has a vague idea that the bins are due out tonight (or was it last Thursday?) and uses slack as a lifestyle goal.

The worker from home dresses appropriately for the remote 9-to-5, choosing from a range of well-chosen corporate yet comfortable outfits. 

The shirker from home raids the laundry basket for anything they/the toddler/the cat haven’t been sick all over.

The worker from home has mapped out a lunch break (no more than an hour, it just wouldn’t seem right) with wholesome and tasty meals featuring all the important food groups. 

The shirker from home is relieved the off-licence is still considered an essential shop… hic.

The worker from home – having sailed briskly through their stimulating and varied tasks – shuts the laptop at 5.30 prompt, and reflects on another productive day. It’s almost as much fun as being at the office…

The shirker from home looks up from the wreckage of Deliveroo cartons in the lounge, and realises it’s gone half ten. Phew! Worn out after all that. Still, tomorrow they can always take it easy…

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